Ventilator repair

Ventilator repair

We offer quality diagnostics and service of a wide range of ventilators.

Due to our strategic location of our workshops, we are able to cover a significant part of the Czech Republic with our service.

By professional training from the best known producers and many years of experience we guarantee quality services and knowledge in service activities.

Reliable working of industrial ventilators is essential for the operation of many technological equipment. A significant percentage of the using energy is attributable to the ventilators and therefore their efficient operation has such a substantial financial benefit. 

We most often service high-pressure radial, medium-pressure radial, low-pressure radial, axial and other ventilators for special use. 

Most often we provide:

  • replacement of impellers of most diameters
  • replacement of shafts
  • replacement of ventilator bearings of most types
  • replacement of couplings
  • replacement of belt pulleys
  • replacement of spiral cases
  • replacement of dilations

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